Aerobatic Yakkers are annually flying at over 30 aerobatic shows in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia with their 3 planes. They are the first Romanian private aerobatic formation after the legendary "Red Devils", and are proudly carrying their legacy around the world. Their love for aviation and their devotion to their public can be easily seen in their unique, explosive and majestic way of flying. Airshows are the reason why "Aerobatic Yakkers" exist. The plane which gives life to this formation is the fantastic YAK52TW, an aircraft produced in Romania, capable of achieving a speed of 450km/h with an engine of 400hp. After years of training and after a fruitful friendship with multiple world champion Yurghis Kairys, the "Yakkers" perfected a new, spectacular concept called "Air Bandits" which involves multiple fireworks, explosions and simulated dogfights.

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Aerodrom Banesti 1, Banesti - Jud. Prahova, Romania